Holidays in Turkey

11 November 2011

Eguino in Istanbul

With so much work and projects, for almost two years I have a bit forgotten one of my passions. This time I went to Turkey, a country I really wanted to visit, especially Istanbul. The first part of the trip was in Cappadocia, but it the most interesting and wonderful was this city along the Bosphorus: Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Cistern, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar,...

Summary of Cappadocia and Hoodoo and lots of photos and recommendations of Istanbul on my blog.

Eguino Social Web

19 October 2011

Eguino Social Web

Long ago I registered the domain and finally today I release the new website. Eguino Social Web is my trademark and on the web you can find information about the services I offer, the partners with who I work and customers and success stories. I invite you to visit the three simple parts: who I am, services and portfolio.


9 September 2011


Few days ago I was able to practice skyding in Seville. It was a great experience, especially the first seconds of freefall after jumping from the plane 4.600m high (15,000 ft). It was also memorable time to open the parachute and be "stopped" in the air in a complete quiet and calm. A great experience I would like to repeat. Complete information on my blog: parachute jump.: Skydinving.

Trainer online marketing and social media

21 June 2011

Online Marketing teaching

Nowadays, a part of my job is to provide training in online marketing and social media. It is an activity that I had never thought as a job because I've never liked being a teacher. Most surprising for me is that I like it. Usually it is quite rewarding as attending business are really keen to learn. Links to workshops on the blog: Eguino Marketing Online.

Entrepreneurs in westartup

10 May 2011


The first weekend of May, about 30 entrepreneurs gathered in the Technological Park of Gijón to propose ideas and create two companies during the weekend of intensive work. It was an experience akin to iWeekend last year, but in this case I was involved as a mentor trying to contribute with my professional experience. More information on the post on the blog westartup Eguino.

En Expo E-commerce y Om Expo

17 March 2011

Expo E-commerce

Yesterday I spent the day in Madrid in Expo E-commerce event to keep abreast of e-commerce issues. Online marketing was also a topic used on the different conferences. With no doubts, the most interesting was about SEO with El Qudsi y Miguel Orense, who shared some interesting tools. A brief summary of the talks where I was in Vanina's blog.

Vídeos de mis ponencias sobre social media y marketing online

13 January 2011

October 22nd and 23rd, 2010 PosicionaTe workshop was held in Gijon aimed in the Plan Piatic oriented to the Asturias self-employed. I was training and teaching skills and good use of online marketing and social media in order to improve the number of visits to their website, the search engine rankings and more sales. There was also talk of SEO and SEM.

Lecture about strategies of Social Media
Lecture about the use of Social Media
Mor information in my blog

Social Networking workshop

29 November 2010

Express workshop: social networking

This week I will teach some workshops about social networks within Gijón Innova plan. 29th and 30th will take place in Conseyu de Mocedá and day 31 in Mar de niebla talking about "Wordpress in 99 minutes". On Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th will colaborate with Abierto hasta el amanecer teaching two courses on Twitter, Netvibes (an interesting mash up) and various Google tools. More information about the courses and how to register.

Evento Blog Spain 2010

24 November 2010

Evento Blog Spain 2010

This is the first year that I attend Evento Blog España. This is a Spanish blogger forum we gather to attend lectures, meet interesting people, practice networking, ... it means 2500 people like myself, who are dedicated to spend lot of time in front of the computer on the Internet for work or leassure.

The best of the event was, without doubts, the bloggers and attendees. It has been a "soiree" where I enjoyed a lot. For further information, visit the article on my blog: My vision of EBE 2010.

Workshop PosiciónaTE for self-employed in Asturias

13 October 2010

PosiciónaTE (Piatic)

October 22th and 23th in Science and Technology Park of Gijón Position will take place the workshop PosiciónaTE for autonomous in the Asturias in the Piatic plan (Plan of innovation for autonomous in the information technology and communication), with which we will show the practices for SEO and social networks.

I will be one of the experts who will teach the workshop PosiciónaTE with two talks, "Strategies for the correct use of Social Media" and "Using Social Media. Analysis of best practices, and tools".

More information in my blog: Eguino - geek a bordo.

Article in La Nueva España

2 September 2010

Eguino in La Nueva España

Yesterday the newspaper "La Nueva España" published an article with an interview about me and two other Asturian, who excel in the field of Online Marketing and Social Networks. It explains the need for companies to be in Internet and the advantages they can get by offering the user to participate actively in the product or service. Internet is a great showcase and if you are not now there, you will be obsolete soon.

Full article at LNE: If you are not in the network, you don't exist

Foro Internet Meeting Point

6 July 2010

Eset Foro Internet Meeting Point

1st, 2nd and 3rd of July FIMP event, a forum about Internet in Asturias, took place in Gijón. It is a meeting point for people passionate about the Internet, content generators, social networkers, designers, programmers, etc. With presentations and networking, various aspects of Internet use were analyzed as social networks, blogs, advertising and communication.

More information about the event in the posts I wrote on my blog: FIMP summary and best FIMP sentences.

The end of a job career

24 June 2010

Grupo BiTTia

My work in Grupo BiTTia, the company where I was working from December 2009, has evolved over time but not in the way that I expected. The important changes introduced in the company and my loss of importance within the group, forced me a change in my profesional career.

I would like to thank the company for offering me this exciting opportunity and colleagues who helped me and trusted me. More information in my blog.

iWeekend Asturias

11 May 2010

iWeekend Asturias

iWeekend is an event, which joins 50 people with diverse talents working side by side in a weekend with the aim of planning and trying to develop two TIC business (startups).

I was working in one of the groups, led by Kiko Sesma, to create a web portal which is a calendar of events for professionals: business plan, market research, functional analysis, marketing and communication ...

The experience was great and quality of the participans was really good. I enjoyed and learned a lot. You can see a summary of the work done on my blog: friday, saturday y sunday.

Online timing application

6 May 2010

Last week I worked against the clock in the few free time I have to prepare an application for races online timing. It gives the participants in a race to know all the information, standings, placings and timing in real-time in our new web

I wrote in my blog two posts with the details about the development process: First post - Second post

New blog

15 March 2010

Nuevo blog: Eguino, geek a bordo

After some time thinking about it, I've finally decided to have my own blog: Eguino, geek on board. It arises from the practice of sharing opinions and articles with Internet friends and because the social networks I use like Twitter and Facebook are not very well suited to my needs. As I explain in the first post I'm not sure how it will evolve, but initially will be short articles, easy to read, about Internet, entrepreneurs, projects where I work and some more playful topics such as music or games. I hope you like and will colaborate with comments.

Summary of a great 2009

10 January 2010

Summary of a great 2009

El 2009 ha sido un buen año para mi, principalmente desde el punto de vista profesional. Accede a leer el artículo con toda la información de 2009.

Como no se puede vivir de recuerdos, es hora de centrarse en este recien estrenado 2010. Espero seguir con la buena tendencia positiva y que dentro de un año pueda contar lo bien que me van las cosas. Trabajaré por ello.

New work in Grupo Bittia

15 December 2009

Grupo Bittia

Today I opened a new chapter in my life: I'm part of Grupo Bittia. After few months collaborating externally with Isertia, one of the four companies, which with Bitácora, Teletemas y Galtea shape the business group, I have take the next step and I have become part of the official workforce.

My work will be as "Multimedia Programmer". Initially I will keep working in the field of web development but now I will be able to participate in bigger and more interesting projects.

This is definitely a great opportunity to work in one of the largest media companies of Asturias, which is becoming a major player nationally and where I hope to continue to evolve as a professional.

Best personal Internet space - XI Edition of the Award for Best Web of Asturias 2009

10 December 2009

Best personal Internet space - XI Edition of the Award for Best Web of Asturias 2009 ha recibido el premio al mejor espacio personal de Asturias 2009. La gala, que se celebró en la hemeroteca de El Comercio, fue sencilla, cuidada y con unos finalistas de lujo. Este ha sido un reconocimiento inesperado que recibo muy orgulloso y que me ha dado la posibilidad de compartir mis proyectos con muchos nuevos visitantes. También he podido conocer a otros profesionales del mundo del desarrollo web en Asturias de los que espero seguir aprendiendo como en su momento hice en Q-Interactiva.

Estos son algunos enlaces interesantes en los que se puede obtener más información sobre el evento:

Colaboration with Alondra Comunicación & United Nations

23 November 2009

This week will be dedicated to update the application developed one year and a half ago by Alondra Comunicación for Millennium Development Goals Campaign (MDGs) from United Nations.

I have to modify some texts, update the terms of use, improve a little more interactivity with the user, add a few buttons, and slightly modify the hardware and as an extra, add some Javascript/AJAX in order to make the application even more attractive.

For further information about the development and use of this application, I recommend reading the article, which I wrote in this web some time ago, with some pictures and screenshots. Simplest Portfolio

5 November 2009 - Simplest portfolio

The first domain I bought in 2005 was It was the first page I developed writing the code in the notepad and learning how to use the famous and already forgotten tables.

With the premiere at the beginning of 2008 of, the small sister ".net" passed just to redirect. But everything has changed today: won't be no more a simple redirección to become a "Simplest Portfolio". It's a simple webpage, which shows information about the projects that have developed, with who I have worked and offers some ways to contact me.

I keep working... in secret

15 October 2009

HTML question mark

Although I haven't created any full web page available to show for few months, during this period time I haven't stopped working. The development has been divided chiefly in three sections well differentiated:

Continuing collaborating with Isertia in 4 small projects.

Developing a web (design+programming) of advertisements with photos, videos and a complete agent of contents, whose name I can't share.

Improving and bringing up to date the internal programming of several webs of my business Grupo Vaya.

Colaboration with Isertia

10 June 2009


For two weeks I was collaborating with Isertia, Asturian business, which is becoming an important reference about the multimeda development to national level.

My work consisted of creating two small microsites for two official businesses in Gijón. We had to develop a CD in web format to show the results of the preceding periods. It was a first contact with their work and I expect that I would be able to repeat again.


4 May 2009

I updated the web page of the "Feria del Vehículo de Ocasión y Accesorios de Asturias", which is already completed.

In this case the new design was made by the client himself. It is a dinamyc page with a complete control panel to modify the information, the images that are shown and the two photo galleries in the web. There is also the usual section for contacts and another quite original, where it is explained with Google Maps how to arrive to the Feria enclosure according to the city of origin of the visitor.

Web and Intranet of AAACIG.

27 April 2009

Alumni Panel

After two long months of work, on Friday I presented the new web page and the INTRANET of the Jesuit Alumnae Association of Inmaculada School (Gijón). There is a public part with general information about the Association and their activities and a small social network for more than 7000 Alumnae that there are all around the world, to offer a tool to keep them communicated.

There was an obsolete database with many errors that I had to upload. I have designed a complete application, which includes mailing and news services, a magazine and a powerful search engine.

The newspaper "El Comercio" published an article on Saturday 25 of March with a photo of the presentation, where there are references to my work: read article

For further information, I wrote a complete article with pictures, specifications and more information: READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE

Eguino in Twitter and LinkedIn

20 April 2009

Social network

In order to know more about Internet in general and the Social Networks in particularly, I have created new accounts in Twitter and in LinkedIn to fill out the profile I already have in Facebook.

First of them is a microblogging service, which allows to write short text reporting what people are doing in that moment. The second one is business orientated to create professional profiles. Links to the accounts:

Eguino in Twitter  -   Eguino in Facebook   -   Eguino in LinkedIn

And also in Oviedo

17 April 2009

The twin sister of the Gijón version was born and is already available at Today is the premiere of the first restaurant.

New web:

15 December 2008

New web page Grupo Vaya. It is a complete landlord guide from Gijón where a lot of information about the restaurants of the city can be found. Powerful search engine allows to find the best option adapted to the user's wishes. Web is complemented with recipes and articles about cooking. Soon will be developed a section where the visitors will be able to be active part of the web commenting and valuing the restaurants and writing recipes. Visit

Functional analyst Ruby on Rails

2 October 2008


This is the name of the course of 300 hours (from October until December) that I was doing in Dicampus.

It is an introductory course about Ruby on Rails, which is a complete environment/framework to develop web applications with databases according to the structure Model View Controller. XHTML, CSS, Accessibility and then we continued with the good part: RoR. Here it is the syllabus.

Web Spanish Federation of Jesuit Alumnae

1 September 2008

Jesuit Alumni

From January of 2008, I am the responsible for the webpage of the Federation. The programming of the web was obsolete, with various broken links and old design style.

I decided to remake the web and took that opportunity to create a database to manage the information of the Associations as well as the news. It was also necessary to adapt the structure of the sections to a new and more intuitive one. Being an official page, it follows every W3C standard. It is clear, simple, and modern in it’s design:

Premiere of Grupo Vaya Blog

15 August 2008

Grupo Vaya

From now on my business Grupo Vaya has a blog that I will manage, where we will inform our clients and internet users about our news

Mainly the users will be able to find information about new webs we develop, our advertising campaigns and presence in the media, reports about the trade fair that we attend and information about all our projects brought up to date. Visit the blog.

Voices agains poverty - United Nations

15 July 2008

Voices Unit of United Nations

Two long and intense months of work since Alondra Comunicación offered me this project. It was a MIC (Multimedia Information Center) with an interactive application for the United Nations, which was shown in the Expo Zaragoza 2008. During this time, the visitors could find information about the Millennium Development Goals and to record videos and messages against poverty. Next, the PIM was travelling to different acts all around Spain. I wrote an article explaining the process of design and development in detail and with images. READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE

9 June 2008

Next premiere: complete redesign of and the updating of the database.

Q-Interactiva: Game Over

20 May 2008


My time inside this company has arrived to the end. After 6 months of work and learning it is time to turn the page.

In this time I learned a lot of things about web programming. It's a shame that they can't count on me for new projects, although I felt with capacity and attitude to accept more responsibilities.

I will be always be grateful to them for this great work opportunity they offered me. You should know that some day I will return to show you again my aptitudes to the Counter and Pro8!!! Regards. Semper Fi.


5 May 2008

Another premiere: the complete redesign of and the updating of the database.

This web, which belongs to my company, is a web of advertisement for the buying and selling Quads, ATV' s and Buggys with a huge offer of vehicles, accessories and boutique. After a year of existence and after having reached the 5º placed in Google in the search of "quads", it was necessary to make changes in the design and improve the internal programming.

Inauguration of EGUINO.ES

28 April 2008


Welcome to my new web page. Here you will find a lot of information about me and my work.

This new version is like a personal book, where I will show all the projects that I have carried out or in which I'm involved in now, mixed with a more playful section where I show one of my hobbies: travelling. I expect that you like the change andI promise to try to update it often. Thank you.

Alfonso Ruiz de Eguino

A name of Germanic origin whose meaning is "a warrior always willing to go to the battle".

I'm entrepreneur and apassionate of Internet technologies. Programmer with experience in developing applications and web pages (specialist in Intranets, content management and multimedia development).

Technology consultant and project manager, I evolved my professional career to the development of global strategies of Social Media & Online Marketing.

In order to know more about my work, I recommend you to visit the sections of experience , projects and curriculum.


Holidays in Berlín

6 March 2010

Holidays in Berlín

Anteriormente había visitado en diversas ocasiones Alemania, pero nunca había estado en su capital. Así pues decidí pasar unas vacaciones la última semana de Febrero en Berlín. La ciudad está todavía en periodo de ronovación y mezcla edifícios modernos con otros más antiguos, muchos de ellos reconstruídos. Museos interesante, mucha historia y, como no, muchas Bratwurst. Estas son las fotos de Alemania.

Holidays in the north of Europe

26 July 2009

Geyser in Iceland

In July I was able to do a small pause on the way to dedicate to one of my hobbies: travelling. This time I have visited Iceland and Lithuania. The first stop was a short stay from 3 days to this European island, which is divided in equal parts between the Tectonic Plates of Europe and America. In fact the culture is similar to the American, refering to aspects as food, the cities, the cars, ... Reykjavík, the capital, is not especially pretty and there is no too much what to visit. The best is to make excursions to the impressive volcanic nature of this island to see the volcanos, geisers, waterfalls, glacials and lava mountains. Here there are some photos of the trip to Iceland.

In Lithuania I visited again the beautiful peninsula of Neringa with the long beaches and 30ºC of temperature and at the end I spend some relaxing days in Vilnius.

Among so many flights, 8 on total passing for 5 different airports, I had time to make many new photos of airplanes of different companies that can be seen here.

Holidays in Lithuania

3 June 2009

Weekend in Lithuania

The last weekend of May I made a lightning visit to Lithuania to attend with Ginte to a wedding there. A brief stay, quite tiring due to the two trips of 20 hours each one in few days. The celebration was quite calm comparing with the weddings in Spain. I really liked and enjoyed a lot with the traditional dances. This is the photo with the bride and groom. As I spent a lot of time in the airports, I had enought time to make new photos, which I updated in the section of airplanes.

Weekend in Budapest

10 March 2009

Weekend in Budapest

I travelled from the 6th to 8th of March to the "Pearl of the Danube" to attend one more Assembly of the European Confederation of Jesuit Alumnae. On Friday we had a more playful plan visiting the city and having a boat trip by the Danube. Budapest surprised me pleasantly, as I didn't expect such a wonderful and monumental city. These are the photos.

Weekend in Vienna

20 October 2008


On the weekend of 17th to 19th of October the Assembly of the European Confederation of Jesuit Alumnae was celebrated in Vienna. Few days with a lot of work and meetings in which I almost didn't have free time to visit the city. Visit some photos I could do. I was surprise by huge palaces, the building of the Parliament, Opera house,... No doubt, I have to come back to Vienna to visit it again with more calm.

Travel to Belgium and France

17 March 2008

Belgium and Paris

Some days before the Holy Week I prepared a small trip to Belgium, more exactly to Brussels. I also visited such nearby cities as Antwerp and Bruges, the nicest one. The best part was a short trip by train to Paris, a city with huge monuments, too many tourists that I enjoyed a lot. Photos of the trip.

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