Who am I?

I was born an afternoon of the summer of 1983 in Gijón. I always lived in my city, although I have never left travelling. This is one of my hobbies. Nowadays I study Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering in Oviedo University and combine it with 3 different jobs: Technology Consultant at Inxeniu Internet Media, Marketing strategy consultant for PIATIC and Project Manager at Qero Communication, an agency where I am partner and founder.

What experience do I have?

  • Fechas: From February 2011
  • Puesto: General Manager
  • Empresa: Motorclan
  • Página web: http://www.motorclan.com
  • I supervise the technical development, coordinate our bloggers team and take part in the editorial and marketing strategy.
  • Fechas: From October 2010
  • Puesto: Technology and Project Consultant
  • Empresa: Inxeniu Internet Media
  • Página web: http://www.inxeniu.com
  • Technology Consultant and Project Manager
  • Fechas: From October 2010 to March 2012
  • Puesto: Online Estrategy, Innovation & Projects
  • Empresa: Qero Comunicación
  • Página web: http://www.qero.es
  • Project mangager and web application developer. Marketing online strategy and social media.
  • Fechas: From October to December 2010
  • Puesto: Online Marketing Estrategy Consultant
  • Empresa: Fundación CTIC - PIATIC
  • Página web: http://www.piatic.net
  • Responsible of developing a complete and personal online marketing strategy plan for small companies in Asturias. The project lasts 3 months. We would achive that the companies will be self-sufficient in their management of online resources and marketing.
  • Fechas: From December 2009 to June 2010
  • Puesto: Multimedia Programmer
  • Empresa: Grupo BiTTia
  • Página web: http://www.grupobittia.com
  • Multimedia programmer orientated to the development of webpages and applications using technology PHP + MySQL + AJAX
  • Fechas: From November 2007 to May 2008
  • Puesto: Web Programmer
  • Empresa: Q-Interactiva Interacción Digital y Nuevos Medios S.L.
  • Página web: http://www.q-interactiva.com
  • Member of web applications development team.
    • CMS Programming and connections with data bases (PHP + MySQL).
    • Webs layout editor (CSS) created for Design department.
  • Fechas: From January 2007
  • Puesto: Web programmer and designer
  • Empresa: Grupo Vaya C.B.
  • Página web: http://www.grupovaya.com
  • This is my humble company, which I created with 2 partners to develop web applications and Internet and announcements.
    • Web area responsible: design, development and programming.
    • Preparing budgets and agreements with the clients.
  • Fechas: From July to October 2005
  • Puesto: Graphic designer (internship)
  • Empresa: Prisma Ingeniería y Diseño
  • Página web: http://www.prismaingenieria.com
  • Internship orientated to graphic design.
    • Layout and merchandising creation.
    • Editing and touching up pictures.

What do I know?

  • Expert in Online Marketing and Social Media.
  • Development Strategies 360º.
  • Technological consultancy and project management.
  • Good command of Internet languages: PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Good command of Macromedia environment (Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand).
  • Medium knowledge of graphic design applications (Adobe PhotoShop™, Illustrator™) acquired through training work.
  • Good command of programming languages: C, C++, ActionScript, Java, AWK, SQL
  • Knowledge of O.S. administration: Windows / Linux.
  • Languages:
    • Spanish: Mother tongue Spanish
    • English: Medium/high level English
    • German: Medium level German
  • Team work skills and good ability to adapt to multicultural environments
  • Leadership, communication and expression skills.
  • Sense of organisation and logistic.

What am I doing now?

I'm finishing the Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and I actually work as Technology Consultant and Projects in Inxeniu Internet Media. I also keep my own business Qero Communication and work as a freelance consultant.

What I would like to do?

  • Becoming Engineer
  • Working in a business of national environment (Accomplished)
  • Working in a business of international environment
  • Working in my own business  (Accomplished)
  • Writing a book
  • Visiting 50 countries  (14 of 50)
  • Visiting the 5 continents  (3 of 5)
  • Flying in the new Airbus A380
  • Getting the license to fly light aircrafts
  • Travelling to Japan
  • Travelling to the space
  • Celebrating OktoberFest en Bavaria
  • Walking the Route of Santiago  (Accomplished)
  • Playing Críquet in India  (Accomplished)
  • Administering a network of web sites with a rate of 1.000.000 daily visits  (107.000 of 1.000.000)
  • Being played in a national diffusion media
  • Parachuting  (Accomplished)
  • Learning to dane tango

Graphic Curriculum

Graphic Curriculum

More information

It is possible to watch my official Curriculum Vitae in PDF format in the button underneath. If you want more information about me or my work, do not doubt to contacto me. Descargar CV

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Minimized Curriculum

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